June 29 & 30, 1 July 2018


Sanicole Airfield (EBLE) Belgium


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About EFLEVA Days / An organisation by Experimental Days

EFLEVA Days is the gathering from the European Federation of Light, Experimental & Vintage Aircraft and intends to bring aircraft builders and restorers together for a unique gathering. Aircraft from all over Europe will fly to Sanicole Airfield in Belgium for a weekend filled with aviation joy.

EFLEVA Days is an organisation by Aeroclub Sanicole and EFLEVA. EFLEVA was founded in 2007 and stands for European Federation of Light, Experimental & Vintage Aircraft. Our goal is to promote and represents the interests of builders and restorers of aircraft and their operators.


Registration / Registration is mandatory

To register you simply enter your e-mail address below and press the "Request Registration E-Mail" button.

Within minutes you will receive an e-mail with a link to your personal registration page. You may register multiple aircraft at once. The same link remains valid to update your registration. If you don't receive a message ensure to check your SPAM folder.

Your registration will then be listed on the registrations list lower on this page.

We are pleased to announce that amateur-built and certain historic aircraft registered in European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) member states no longer require a permit to over fly Belgian territory for 30 days in a calendar year.

Remember to register your slot using the link in the email you will receive. Your registration is only completed if a slot is selected. If you are coming by car you can contact us using the contact form below.

Event Schedule 2018 / This schedule will be updated regularly when activities get confirmed

Arrivals & Departures

Visitors will arrive and depart in their home-built or vintage aircraft from all over Europe. Please note that a slot is required when you plan to fly in.

Bicycles available

There are free bicycles available near the pilot lounge. Hilde prepared a nice tour or you can explore on your own. Keys are available in the pilot lounge.

Oshkosh Calling... in a Silent Twister

Visiting Airventure in Oshkosh is on every pilots bucket list. So it was for Andy Mckee. Instead of booking a commercial flight, he decided to make it even more special by flying in his home built Silent Twister. It became an epic journey from the UK via Iceland, Greenland and Canada to Oshkosh Wisconsin. Andy will take us on a journey amongst some of the most beautiful and at the same time most inhabital places on earth. And if this was not enough, this presentation will also include a indepth look at some of the modifications he has done on G-FUUN.

Pizza in wood oven

There will be a varity of pizza made in wood oven at 18h30. Price without package: €10 per person. This buffet is included if you choose a package.

Social evening with Belgian beers

Meet fellow aircraft builders, restorers and enthusiasts. Belgian beers and other drinks available at the bar. We offer regular shuttle service to accommodation.

Arrivals & Departures

Visitors will arrive and depart in their home-built or vintage aircraft from all over Europe. Please note that a slot is required when you plan to fly in.


Enjoy a lovely breakfast buffet in our club house to prepare for a day full of aviation. This buffet is included if you ordered a catering package from Friday to Sunday.

"Gone Flying"

To get the most out of your flight, Hans will be your focal point for everything you wanted to know to fly around in our neighborhood. He will assist you with the preparation like weather, NOTAMS and airspaces. And review your plans to highlight the best landmarks and routes.

Bicycles available

There are free bicycles available near the pilot lounge. Hilde prepared a nice tour or you can explore on your own. Keys are available in the pilot lounge.

Andair Precision Aircraft Components

Without you probably realizing, you might have, or will have, components in your aircraft that are engineered by Andy. What started as a small but professional UK based engineering company in 1994 is now a premier ISO 9001 manufacturer of aircraft fuel system components including high-quality fuel selectors, gascolators and fuel pumps. Some people built one aircraft, Andy has built three! Join us in an exclusive look behind the scenes on this unique, world renowned company.

Bratwurst & Belgian Ice Cream

After the huge success of last year during EFLEVA Days we couldn't do other than serving it again for EFLEVA Days. Enjoy!

Sandwich Buffet

Delicious sandwich buffet will be served inside the club house. This buffet is included if you ordered a catering package.

Flying Ladies in co-operation with Hechtel-Eksel

Who said that aircraft are only for men? There is no reason to leave the ladies at home! This program in kind co-operation of the commune Hechtel-Eksel is especially for the ladies, and by the ladies of Sanicole Aeroclub. On popular request we will once again visit "De Korhaan" a unique distillery established in 1833.

The planehunter

Bart Beckers and his team are specialised in research and the detection of aircraft that crashed during the World War with the intention to recover them. Bart will open your eyes on what it takes to recover an aircraft, going as far as re-uniting the original pilot with the aircraft. History and dedication at its finest.

Belgian's finest vintage aircraft

A showcase of Belgian's finest restorations and vintage aircraft. Weather depending Raymond will fly-in a selection of his aircraft and is more than happy to let us enjoy them.

Welcome Speech & Drink

A -short- welcome speech on behalf of EFLEVA and team Experimental Days at Aeroclub Sanicole (VVMV) with an aperitif.

Luxury BBQ

A luxury BBQ in the evening sun with a spendid view over the airfield. Price without package: €20 per person. This buffet is included if you ordered a catering package.

Social evening with Belgian beers

Meet fellow aircraft builders, restorers and enthusiasts. Belgian beers and other drinks available at the bar. We offer regular shuttle service to accommodation.

Arrivals & Departures

Visitors will arrive and depart in their home-built or vintage aircraft from all over Europe. Please note that a slot is required when you plan to fly in.


Enjoy a lovely breakfast buffet in our club house to prepare for a day full of aviation. This buffet is included if you ordered a catering package from Friday to Sunday or Saturday to Sunday.

World premiere Delta Verhees

Bart is very well known for his unique aircraft the Delta Verhees. Those who visited Experimental Days two years ago already had the chance to get a view on the building process of the Delta duo seater. This aircraft is currently doing flight tests and will, hopefully, be flying for the first time on a fly-in during EFLEVA Days. It will also be the only chance to see both the Delta single seater and Delta duo seater at the same event!

"Gone Flying"

To get the most out of your flight, Hans will be your focal point for everything you wanted to know to fly around in our neighborhood. He will assist you with the preparation like weather, NOTAMS and airspaces. And review your plans to highlight the best landmarks and routes.

Bicycles available

There are free bicycles available near the pilot lounge. Hilde prepared a nice tour or you can explore on your own. Keys are available in the pilot lounge.

Bratwurst Sandwich

A great ending of the weekend and to prepare for your flight home. This sandwich is included if you choose package.

Belgian Ice Cream

After the huge success of last year during EFLEVA Days we couldn't do other than serving it again for EFLEVA Days. Enjoy!

Belgian's finest vintage aircraft

Belgian's finest restorations and vintage aircraft will be on display. Weather depending Raymond will fly-in a selection of his aircraft and is more than happy to let us enjoy them.

Partners / Thank you!

Testimonials / What visitors say about us

Accommodation & Catering / We provide the following options during EFLEVA Days 2018

We are now able to offer camping at the airfield! It will be next to your aircraft and only for the passengers of the aircraft. No campers allowed. There will be basic showering facilities.

If you prefer basic accommodation at a very reasonable price, the military housing may be an option for you. This facility is located on about 1 km from the airfield. It are modern single or twin rooms (seperated by wall) with shared (individual cabins) showering facilities. Free shuttle service will be arranged. Breakfast will be served at the airfield if you have a catering package.

UPDATE: Milton is fully booked at the moment. We suggest our camping at the airfield as alternative. You may also put a note in your reservation that you prefer Milton instead, when cancellations come in, we assign them on first come first served basis. You can also opt for a hotel.

Hotels in the vicinity of the airfield: Mezzo Hotel or Hotel Au Prince Royal or Hotel De Boskar 1773 or B&B Sneprooi or Alloggio Sogni D'Oro

Shuttle service to other accommodations then Milton or Prince Royal is on best effort basis.

2 Day Pack

Sandwich lunch Saturday
BBQ diner Saturday
Breakfast Sunday
Sandwich lunch Sunday
Pay on arrival


Single or twin room
Price per night and per person
Shuttle service included (~ 1 km)
Showers available
Pay on arrival

Event FAQS / find your answers

Of course not! All enthousiasts are welcome! Our focus is mainly on Experimental and Vintage aircraft, but you can also register with your Cessna, gyrocopter or helicopter. You can even visit us by car.

We are not an entry airport for Schengen but we partnered with Oostend Airport (EBOS) for those who are visiting us from outside Schengen.

Please first land at any entry airport before coming to EBLE.

Yes they are!

Please note that gyrocopters need a special permit from the Belgian government.

You can find the request form for this permit here:

In case you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Slots are not a rigid system. They are there to ensure spacing between aircraft and promote safety.

If you miss your slot for any reason you can book a new available slot on our website at any time or contact us for a new slot.

When you already commenced your flight you continue and keep a safe seperation between other aircraft.

If you can not make it, please remove your slot to give other the chance to use it.

Experimental Days has not stopped. It is the same team that organises the EFLEVA Days. The idea behind EFLEVA Days is that it will be organised in a different country each year. What country this will be and when the next edition will take place is not yet known.

We got the opportunity to organise EFLEVA Days with the important task to make EFLEVA better known by the pilots. This was a chance we couldn't let go.

It is the first year that Belgium is member of EFLEVA with the ANNEX-II workgroup from VVMV (Vlaamse Verenging voor MotorVliegclubs). But it is also the only country where you have to pay for a permit to overfly the terrority. And of course Belgium has a central location in Europe which makes it easy to reach. This makes it a very symbolic case for both EFLEVA and Belgium and a good reason to organise the first edition at Sanicole Airfield in Belgium.

EFLEVA Days 2018 Flyer / Click on the image to download it

EFLEVA Days 2018 Flyer

News / The latest updates!

EFLEVA Days 2018 Flyer

Website 2018 online!

Finally! Our website and registration wizard are online! We hope you enjoy. You may start booking your slots now! First come, first served!

The Magic of Flight for Bode

The Magic of Flight for Bode

Do you like your aircraft as much as little Bode? He is having loads of fun with his uncle! I wish I had an uncle like Bode... :-) We are sure you will have loads of fun too when you register and join all other aviation enthousiasts during EFLEVA Days! Click on the image to see the full video.


Aeroclub Sanicole
Kamperbaan 165
3940 Hechtel-Eksel
+32 (0)11 34 27 39

Pilot briefing

Registrations / All registered aircraft are listed here

All registered aircraft are listed below with their current slot times. If you would like to register then click the "Registration" button in the sections above. You will then receive an e-mail that guides you to your personal registration page. If you wish to update your registration you may use the same link to get access to your current bookings. In case you have issues with your booking you may also contact us using the contact form below.

Slot TimeCall SignAircraft TypeHome BaseTypePilot Name
29/06/2018 10:00:00PH-SCPVans RV-9Zwartberg (EBZW)ArrivalSimon Paul
29/06/2018 10:05:00F-PRDSRUTAN LONG-EZLFPNArrivalRobin SIMON
29/06/2018 10:05:00G-RVIOVans RV10Bicester - EnglandArrivalRoger Hopkinson
29/06/2018 10:10:00G-CETYRans s6 esEGTHArrivalJustin North
29/06/2018 10:10:00OO-161RV-7EBLEArrivalGerry Willems
29/06/2018 10:15:00EI-WIGSkyrangerDublin. IrelandDepartureKenneth Lannery
29/06/2018 10:15:00OY-JSNPiper CubEKVJArrivalJørgen Skov Nielsen
29/06/2018 10:20:0059CGKFJFMUtipsy nipperebspDeparturepiqueray
29/06/2018 10:20:00G-AZLVCessna 172WaddingtonArrivalRoger Bryan
29/06/2018 10:25:00D-EGUW7ECAEBLEArrivalWim Van Malcot
29/06/2018 10:25:00G-TERORV7Boarhunt HampshireArrivalAndy Phillips
29/06/2018 10:30:00F-PRDSRUTAN LONG-EZLFPNDepartureRobin SIMON
29/06/2018 10:50:00G-AHAMAusterV/J1-AutocratEBZHArrivalPatrick Vanhamel
29/06/2018 10:50:00OK-SUA39TL30ZZZZArrivalChris van der Zee
29/06/2018 10:55:00I-BRMSGlastarMilanArrivalGeorge Frank
29/06/2018 10:55:00I-GIDERV7Comiso, Sicily IslanArrivalBiagio Picarella
29/06/2018 11:00:00G-JSRVVans RV6Graveley Internat'lDepartureJames Stringer
29/06/2018 11:00:00I-PIMPRv7LIRZArrivalGuido Alemagni Pimpinelli
29/06/2018 11:05:00I-TEETRV9RomeArrivalStefano Grossi
29/06/2018 11:05:00OE-CCMLancair 390LOIJArrivalChristian Meier
29/06/2018 11:10:00D-ERMKRV7RomeArrivalMarco Tommasi
29/06/2018 11:10:00I-9246Tecnam SierraSalemi, SicilyArrivalGiuseppe Giammalvo
29/06/2018 11:15:00G-BYFMJodel DR1050ZZZZ VerchocqArrivalAlistair Roxburgh
29/06/2018 11:15:00I-9216Tecnam SierraSalemi, SicilyArrivalGiuseppe Rotolo
29/06/2018 11:20:00G-BSRIILNC2EGCGArrivalPete Harrison
29/06/2018 11:30:00PHJBFCessna 172EHHOArrivalRutten Charles
29/06/2018 11:30:00PH-TGRVan's RV 4EDLAArrivalMartin Sauer
29/06/2018 11:35:00G-JANFBristell NG5EGNUArrivalBen Frederiks
29/06/2018 11:40:0059CGKFJFMUtipsy nipperebspArrivalpiqueray
29/06/2018 12:00:00DEARYFocke wolfZzzzzArrivalAndy sellars
29/06/2018 12:00:00G-FUUNSilence TwisterEGTHArrivalAndy McKee
29/06/2018 12:05:00SE-VODWT-9 DynamicSwedenArrivalHåkan Karlsson
29/06/2018 12:05:00SE-VPDWT-9 DynamicSwedenArrivalFredrik Allerstam
29/06/2018 12:10:00D-MWFRFascination D4BEDKBArrivalBernd Verch
29/06/2018 12:10:00D-MWFRFascination D4BEDKBArrivalVerch
29/06/2018 12:15:00G-BUIKPa28North WealdArrivalDavid Lawer
29/06/2018 12:15:00HB-YJRExpress S-90LSZFArrivalWerner Maag
29/06/2018 12:30:00G BFGKJodel D117EGMFArrivalAnthony Eastwood
29/06/2018 12:30:00G-AYGGD11EGMFArrivalJohn Dean
29/06/2018 13:00:00F-PLLEVans RV9 ALFOBArrivalLasse Lykke Espersen
29/06/2018 13:05:00GOCRZSportcruiserZZZZ Firs Farm UKArrivalPeter Marsden
29/06/2018 13:10:00EI-WIGSkyrangerDublin. IrelandArrivalKenneth Lannery
29/06/2018 13:10:00OK-SUA39TL30ZZZZDepartureChris van der Zee
29/06/2018 13:20:00OO-BFZp28rebgbArrivalcioponea
29/06/2018 13:30:00OOH37TechnamEbavArrivalWijnants geert
29/06/2018 13:30:00PH-3V5Tecnam P92 EchoZZZZ-Middenmeer-NLArrivalBram de Jonge
29/06/2018 13:50:00G-CDMNVans RV9Farthing Corner EGMFArrivalGary Smith
29/06/2018 13:55:00G-BCLUJodel D117EGNUArrivalDuncan Cotter
29/06/2018 13:55:00OOH37TechnamEbavDepartureWijnants geert
29/06/2018 14:00:00G-CETYRans s6 esEGTHArrivalJustin North
29/06/2018 14:05:00G-AZIIJODEL D117EGNUArrivalMARTIN JENNISON
29/06/2018 14:05:00G-GCIYDR400EGNUArrivalM Lonsdale
29/06/2018 14:10:00GARXTJodelEGBWArrivalSteve Moody
29/06/2018 14:10:00G-BRBAPiper PA 28-161EGNUArrivalCharles Bonello
29/06/2018 14:15:00N408JN7ECAEBLEArrivalPeter Mentens
29/06/2018 14:20:00G-BYJTZenair CH601HDSEGNUArrivalAndy Stocks
29/06/2018 14:30:00GCGWPFoxbatEGTHArrivalPeter Goff
29/06/2018 14:45:00D-EPPNKitfox 4EDKBArrivalJürgen Tantau
29/06/2018 14:55:00G-ORVEVan's RV6EGCVArrivalRob Swain
29/06/2018 15:00:00G-CGTTEV-97 Eurostar SLDeanland EGKLArrivalDonald Walker
29/06/2018 15:00:00G-LASRGlasairEGCVArrivalGeoff Lewis
29/06/2018 15:05:00GOMIKEuropaEGLMArrivalMike Potts
29/06/2018 15:05:00G-VVV VSkyrangerZZZZArrivalJ.Thomas
29/06/2018 15:10:00DEARYP149dZzzzArrivalAndy sellars
29/06/2018 15:10:00PH-KMJSportcruiserLSZKArrivalViktor Strausak
29/06/2018 15:15:00G-CBZXMCR1EGHHArrivalCHRIS FREEMAN
29/06/2018 15:15:00G-IINIRV-9ABournemouth EGHHArrivalNi Thomas
29/06/2018 15:20:00G-KUPPCTSWEGKDArrivalTom Burton
29/06/2018 15:25:00G-NEATEuropaEGTU DunkeswellArrivalPhilip Foden
29/06/2018 15:25:00OO-HBGPA18EBKHArrivalJan Mangelschots
29/06/2018 15:30:00EI-AFZChipmunk DHC1EIKH (Kilrush)ArrivalNeil van Lonkhuyzen
29/06/2018 15:30:00GCDRVVans RV9AEGSXArrivalRichard Woodford
29/06/2018 15:35:00G BYNKRobin HR200EGLA Bodmin EnglandArrivalReginald Stainer
29/06/2018 15:35:00SE-CPGMFI-9EDLCArrivalSven-Orjan Larsson
29/06/2018 15:35:00SE-XYVWT9ESSEArrivalHANS-OLAV LARSSON
29/06/2018 15:40:00EI-AEFCessna 120ZZZZ LIMETREEArrivaljames halligan
29/06/2018 15:40:00FPDADRV9ALFAVArrivalDe Brandt Danny
29/06/2018 15:45:00EI FXWSkyrangerZZZZ LimetreeArrivalPat Marnane
29/06/2018 15:45:00EI-FMOLandafricaZZZZ LIMETREEArrivalBrian Corrigan
29/06/2018 15:45:00G-KLYESkyrangerZZZZ limetreeArrivalMark Brereton
29/06/2018 15:50:00EI-CZAAtez zephyrZZZZ limetreeArrivalDes Cassidy
29/06/2018 15:50:00EI-FBYBRM CITIUSZZZZ limetreeArrivalStephen SMITH
29/06/2018 15:55:00EI-FXVSkyranger nynjaZZZZ limetreeArrivalKillian kernan
29/06/2018 15:55:00EI-GCPSkyrangerZZZZ irelandArrivalJonathan Marbach
29/06/2018 15:55:00EI-GEOSavannah SZZZZ limetreeArrivalMark Brereton
29/06/2018 16:00:00G-BXANFalke SF25CZZZZArrivalRoy Kempton
29/06/2018 16:00:00GCIEFEurofoxZZZZArrivalKeith Dykes
29/06/2018 16:05:00G-FOKXEurofoxZZZZ Kirton in LindsArrivalRichard J Bastin/Robin G Parker
29/06/2018 16:05:00G-IOSLRV9EGLAArrivalSTEVE LEACH
29/06/2018 16:10:00GADKCDH87 Hornet MothEGHFArrivalWinch
29/06/2018 16:10:00SEXFKGlasair FyESOWArrivalJosef Toth
29/06/2018 16:15:00G-AHAMAusterV/J1-AutocratEBZHDeparturePatrick Vanhamel
29/06/2018 16:20:00G-BYLCQuantumSandyArrivalGeoffrey Coan
29/06/2018 16:20:00GOOGYQuik RZzzzArrivalIan Withers
29/06/2018 16:25:00EI-EPPPA22-TripacerEIKHArrivalPat McCabe
29/06/2018 16:25:00G-CCWPEurostar EV97DeanlandArrivalMr Grant Finney
29/06/2018 16:30:00G-CHREMenestrelEGMJArrivalMike Blyth
29/06/2018 16:30:00G-ZAVIIkarusBagber Farm, DorsetArrivalMarleen De Cleen
29/06/2018 16:35:00G-CEDCIkarus C-42ZZZZArrivalLes Call
29/06/2018 16:35:00PH-PWPRV7AEHLEArrivalArnold de Brie
29/06/2018 16:40:00D-EXWBRV-9AEDFCArrivalWalter Berner
29/06/2018 16:40:00HB-YNDGLSTLSMFArrivalH. Stähli
29/06/2018 16:45:00G-ICOMCessna 172 MEGLAArrivalNick Yeoman
29/06/2018 16:45:00SE-XFKGlasair FtESOWArrivalJosef Toth
29/06/2018 16:55:00G-PAXXPA20 PacerBrimpton, Uk (EGLP)ArrivalCharles Monsell
29/06/2018 17:00:00PH-TGRVan's RV 4EDLADepartureMartin Sauer
29/06/2018 17:05:00EI-DXZSamba-UFM10EIKHArrivalDave O'Leary
29/06/2018 17:15:00G-NPKJRV6EGNEArrivalMark Turner
29/06/2018 17:30:00OO-BFZp28rebgbDeparturecioponea
29/06/2018 17:30:00PH-IPJGlasair 3LFNFArrivalPaul janssens
29/06/2018 17:55:00SE-XLLRV-7AESSEArrivalLennart Öborn
29/06/2018 18:00:00G-JSRVVans RV6Graveley Internat'lArrivalJames Stringer
29/06/2018 18:00:00HB-YDLVEZELSZFArrivalRuiters
29/06/2018 18:05:00OE-AWDGlastarLOANArrivalWolfgang Drahanowsky
29/06/2018 18:10:00SEXVGGlastarESGPArrivalHasse Hellstrom
29/06/2018 18:15:00HB-YKPGlastarLSZFArrivalWerner Schneider
29/06/2018 18:20:00SE-XTHThorp T18ESSUArrivalValentin B
29/06/2018 18:30:00SE-XIPThorp T18ESNAArrivalSven-Erik Pira
29/06/2018 19:00:00G-XIFRM108EBKTArrivalFilip Lambert/steven Lambert
29/06/2018 19:10:00OO-145Europa XS monoEBZHArrivalDirk Oyen
29/06/2018 19:55:00OO-HBGPA18EBKHDepartureJan Mangelschots
30/06/2018 10:00:00HB-YDLVEZELSZFArrivalRuiters
30/06/2018 10:00:00HB-YDLVEZELSZFDepartureRuiters
30/06/2018 10:05:00OO-MNMPA18-150EBGGArrivalKris De Schryver
30/06/2018 10:25:00G-CDCCEV97Firs Farm, UKArrivalJames Tomlin
30/06/2018 10:30:00D-ERVLRV-7EDXIArrivalGerd Strassburg
30/06/2018 10:30:00OOCVECessna 172EBZRArrivalOlivier Proot
30/06/2018 10:35:00F-POILJurca MJ5 SiroccoLFXUArrivalPatrick Cottereau
30/06/2018 10:35:00LX-CWTEuropa MotorgliderELUSArrivalJohn Rødseth
30/06/2018 11:00:00GCFKBCZAW sportcruiserEGTF FairoaksArrivalJustin Blair
30/06/2018 11:00:00PH-VVVSportCruserEBSHArrivalGuy De Cleyn
30/06/2018 11:30:00F-PCORStampe SV4LEBDTArrivalValvekens Guy
30/06/2018 12:00:00D-MIPUWT9ZZZZArrivalErnst Kuehn
30/06/2018 12:15:00G-CSPRRV-6AZZZZ MemburyArrivalPeter Pengilly
30/06/2018 12:30:00G-AYGGJodel D120EGMFArrivalJohn Dean
30/06/2018 12:55:00GUZUPEurostarEGNFArrivalRobert Shaw
30/06/2018 13:00:00GCCKWL21BEBMOArrivalMoerman
30/06/2018 13:00:00PH-PWPRV7AEHLEDepartureArnold de Brie
30/06/2018 13:05:00OO-SDCPA18-150 Super CubEBKTArrivalSteven De Cuyper
30/06/2018 13:05:00PH-3V5Tecnam P92 EchoZZZZ-Middenmeer-NLDepartureBram de Jonge
30/06/2018 13:10:00G BFGKJodel D117EGMFDepartureAnthony Eastwood
30/06/2018 13:10:00G-RMRVVANS RV7ABENINGTON ,UKArrivalMORRIS
30/06/2018 13:30:00OOCVECessna 172EBZRDepartureOlivier Proot
30/06/2018 14:00:00G-REVERV6KeevilArrivalSimon Foster
30/06/2018 14:00:00OO-MNMPA18-150EBGGDepartureKris De Schryver
30/06/2018 14:30:00D-ERVLRV-7EDXIDepartureGerd Strassburg
30/06/2018 14:30:00OE-AWDGlastarLOANDepartureWolfgang Drahanowsky
30/06/2018 14:35:00G-CDVKsavannahwing fmArrivalmark peters
30/06/2018 14:35:00G-CGNHEscapadeZZZZArrivalJon Ingram
30/06/2018 15:00:00G-GDRVVans RV-6EGBJArrivalManuel Queiroz
30/06/2018 15:00:00SEVOEDynamic WT9ESSNArrivalTherese Hurrig
30/06/2018 15:55:00I-BRMSGlastarMilanDepartureGeorge Frank
30/06/2018 15:55:00I-PIMPRv7LIRZDepartureGuido Alemagni Pimpinelli
30/06/2018 16:00:00I-TEETRV9RomeDepartureStefano Grossi
30/06/2018 16:00:00PH-VVVSportCruserEBSHDepartureGuy De Cleyn
30/06/2018 16:05:00D-ERMKRV7RomeDepartureMarco Tommasi
30/06/2018 16:05:00I-GIDERV7Comiso, Sicily IslanDepartureBiagio Picarella
30/06/2018 16:10:00I-9216Tecnam SierraSalemi, SicilyDepartureGiuseppe Rotolo
30/06/2018 16:10:00I-9246Tecnam SierraSalemi, SicilyDepartureGiuseppe Giammalvo
30/06/2018 16:15:00GCCKWL21BEBMODepartureMoerman
30/06/2018 16:15:00PH-AMDEuropa XSRotterdam/The HagueArrivalVan der Toorn
30/06/2018 16:30:00G-OPUGCRUZZZZZ SHIPMEADOWArrivalRupert Derham
30/06/2018 16:30:00OO-SDCPA18-150 Super CubEBKTDepartureSteven De Cuyper
30/06/2018 17:05:00GCFKBCZAW sportcruiserEGTF FairoaksDepartureJustin Blair
30/06/2018 17:05:00OO-RAQC172EBTNArrivalTom Degeest
30/06/2018 17:15:00LX-CWTEuropa MotorgliderELUSDepartureJohn Rødseth
30/06/2018 18:25:00F-POILJurca MJ5 SiroccoLFXUDeparturePatrick Cottereau
30/06/2018 19:30:00F-PCORStampe SV4LEBDTDepartureValvekens Guy
30/06/2018 20:00:00PH-AMDEuropa XSRotterdam/The HagueDepartureVan der Toorn
1/07/2018 9:00:00EI-DXZSamba-UFM10EIKHDepartureDave O'Leary
1/07/2018 9:10:00OY-JSNPiper CubEKVJDepartureJørgen Skov Nielsen
1/07/2018 9:30:00EI-EPPPA22-TripacerEIKHDeparturePat McCabe
1/07/2018 9:45:00G-CGNHEscapadeZZZZDepartureJon Ingram
1/07/2018 9:50:00G-CDCCEV97Firs Farm, UKDepartureJames Tomlin
1/07/2018 9:50:00G-ICOMCessna 172 MEGLADepartureNick Yeoman
1/07/2018 9:55:00G-CDVKsavannahwing fmDeparturemark peters
1/07/2018 9:55:00PH-IPJGlasair 3LFNFDeparturePaul janssens
1/07/2018 10:00:00G-CETYRans s6 esEGTHDepartureJustin North
1/07/2018 10:00:00G-IOSLRV9EGLADepartureSTEVE LEACH
1/07/2018 10:05:00G-CETYRans s6 esEGTHDepartureJustin North
1/07/2018 10:05:00G-CHREMenestrelEGMJDepartureMike Blyth
1/07/2018 10:10:00G-CBZXMCR1EGHHDepartureCHRIS FREEMAN
1/07/2018 10:10:00G-ORVEVan's RV6EGCVDepartureRob Swain
1/07/2018 10:15:00G-IINIRV-9ABournemouth EGHHDepartureNi Thomas
1/07/2018 10:15:00N545WPBoeing stearmanEhte (Teuge )ArrivalThomas fassin
1/07/2018 10:20:00SE-VODWT-9 DynamicSwedenDepartureHåkan Karlsson
1/07/2018 10:20:00SE-VPDWT-9 DynamicSwedenDepartureFredrik Allerstam
1/07/2018 10:25:00G-AYGGD11EGMFDepartureJohn Dean
1/07/2018 10:25:00HB-YNDGLSTLSMFDepartureH. Stähli
1/07/2018 10:30:00G-ZAVIIkarusBagber Farm, DorsetDepartureMarleen De Cleen
1/07/2018 10:30:00SE-XLLRV-7AESSEDepartureLennart Öborn
1/07/2018 10:35:00GARXTJodelEGBWDepartureSteve Moody
1/07/2018 10:35:00PH-KMJSportcruiserLSZKDepartureViktor Strausak
1/07/2018 10:40:00EI-AEFCessna 120ZZZZ LIMETREEDeparturejames halligan
1/07/2018 10:40:00G-CSPRRV-6AZZZZ MemburyDeparturePeter Pengilly
1/07/2018 10:45:00EI FXWSkyrangerZZZZ LimetreeDeparturePat Marnane
1/07/2018 10:45:00EI-FMOLandafricaZZZZ LIMETREEDepartureBrian Corrigan
1/07/2018 10:45:00G-KLYESkyrangerZZZZ limetreeDepartureMark Brereton
1/07/2018 10:50:00EI-CZAAtez zephyrZZZZ limetreeDepartureDes Cassidy
1/07/2018 10:50:00EI-FBYBRM CITIUSZZZZ limetreeDepartureStephen SMITH
1/07/2018 10:55:00EI-FXVSkyranger nynjaZZZZ limetreeDepartureKillian kernan
1/07/2018 10:55:00EI-GCPSkyrangerZZZZ irelandDepartureJonathan Marbach
1/07/2018 10:55:00EI-GEOSavannah SZZZZ limetreeDepartureMark Brereton
1/07/2018 11:00:00G-BXANFalke SF25CZZZZDepartureRoy Kempton
1/07/2018 11:00:00GCIEFEurofoxZZZZDepartureKeith Dykes
1/07/2018 11:05:00G-AZLVCessna 172WaddingtonDepartureRoger Bryan
1/07/2018 11:05:00G-FOKXEurofoxZZZZ Kirton in LindsDepartureRichard J Bastin/Robin G Parker
1/07/2018 11:10:00EI-AFZChipmunk DHC1EIKH (Kilrush)DepartureNeil van Lonkhuyzen
1/07/2018 11:15:00G-BYLCQuantumSandyDepartureGeoffrey Coan
1/07/2018 11:20:00OE-CCMLancair 390LOIJDepartureChristian Meier
1/07/2018 11:20:00SE-XTHThorp T18ESSUDepartureValentin B
1/07/2018 11:25:00G-NPKJRV6EGNEDepartureMark Turner
1/07/2018 11:30:00GADKCDH87 Hornet MothEGHFDepartureWinch
1/07/2018 11:30:00OO-MTAFoeurnier RF3EBDTArrivalValvekens Guy
1/07/2018 12:05:00DEARYFocke wolfZzzzzDepartureAndy sellars
1/07/2018 12:05:00D-MIPUWT9ZZZZDepartureErnst Kuehn
1/07/2018 12:10:00FPDADRV9ALFAVDepartureDe Brandt Danny
1/07/2018 12:10:00GOCRZSportcruiserZZZZ Firs Farm UKDeparturePeter Marsden
1/07/2018 12:15:00DEARYP149dZzzzDepartureAndy sellars
1/07/2018 12:15:00GOOGYQuik RZzzzDepartureIan Withers
1/07/2018 12:20:00G-PAXXPA20 PacerBrimpton, Uk (EGLP)DepartureCharles Monsell
1/07/2018 12:20:00G-TERORV7Boarhunt HampshireDepartureAndy Phillips
1/07/2018 12:25:00G-NEATEuropaEGTU DunkeswellDeparturePhilip Foden
1/07/2018 12:30:00HB-YKPGlastarLSZFDepartureWerner Schneider
1/07/2018 12:30:00SEVOEDynamic WT9ESSNDepartureTherese Hurrig
1/07/2018 12:35:00G-BUIKPa28North WealdDepartureDavid Lawer
1/07/2018 12:35:00G-CCWPEurostar EV97DeanlandDepartureMr Grant Finney
1/07/2018 12:40:00G-CEDCIkarus C-42ZZZZDepartureLes Call
1/07/2018 12:40:00OO-145Europa XS monoEBZHDepartureDirk Oyen
1/07/2018 12:50:00SEXFKGlasair FyESOWDepartureJosef Toth
1/07/2018 12:50:00SE-XFKGlasair FtESOWDepartureJosef Toth
1/07/2018 13:00:00F-PLLEVans RV9 ALFOBDepartureLasse Lykke Espersen
1/07/2018 13:00:00HB-YDLVEZELSZFDepartureRuiters
1/07/2018 13:05:00GOMIKEuropaEGLMDepartureMike Potts
1/07/2018 13:05:00G-VVV VSkyrangerZZZZDepartureJ.Thomas
1/07/2018 13:15:00G-AYGGJodel D120EGMFDepartureJohn Dean
1/07/2018 13:30:00GCDRVVans RV9AEGSXDepartureRichard Woodford
1/07/2018 13:30:00HB-YJRExpress S-90LSZFDepartureWerner Maag
1/07/2018 13:35:00G BYNKRobin HR200EGLA Bodmin EnglandDepartureReginald Stainer
1/07/2018 13:45:00GCGWPFoxbatEGTHDeparturePeter Goff
1/07/2018 13:50:00SE-CPGMFI-9EDLCDepartureSven-Orjan Larsson
1/07/2018 13:50:00SE-XYVWT9ESSEDepartureHANS-OLAV LARSSON
1/07/2018 13:55:00G-BRBAPiper PA 28-161EGNUDepartureCharles Bonello
1/07/2018 13:55:00G-BYJTZenair CH601HDSEGNUDepartureAndy Stocks
1/07/2018 14:00:00G-FUUNSilence TwisterEGTHDepartureAndy McKee
1/07/2018 14:05:00G-AZIIJODEL D117EGNUDepartureMARTIN JENNISON
1/07/2018 14:05:00G-BCLUJodel D117EGNUDepartureDuncan Cotter
1/07/2018 14:10:00G-GCIYDR400EGNUDepartureM Lonsdale
1/07/2018 14:15:00G-CDMNVans RV9Farthing Corner EGMFDepartureGary Smith
1/07/2018 14:15:00G-CGTTEV-97 Eurostar SLDeanland EGKLDepartureDonald Walker
1/07/2018 14:30:00D-EPPNKitfox 4EDKBDepartureJürgen Tantau
1/07/2018 14:30:00G-RVIOVans RV10Bicester - EnglandDepartureRoger Hopkinson
1/07/2018 14:35:00G-OPUGCRUZZZZZ SHIPMEADOWDepartureRupert Derham
1/07/2018 14:55:00G-REVERV6KeevilDepartureSimon Foster
1/07/2018 15:00:00G-JANFBristell NG5EGNUDepartureBen Frederiks
1/07/2018 15:00:00PHJBFCessna 172EHHODepartureRutten Charles
1/07/2018 15:05:00D-MWFRFascination D4BEDKBDepartureVerch
1/07/2018 15:05:00G-BYFMJodel DR1050ZZZZ VerchocqDepartureAlistair Roxburgh
1/07/2018 15:10:00D-MWFRFascination D4BEDKBDepartureBernd Verch
1/07/2018 15:30:00OO-RAQC172EBTNDepartureTom Degeest
1/07/2018 15:30:00SE-XIPThorp T18ESNADepartureSven-Erik Pira
1/07/2018 15:35:00G-KUPPCTSWEGKDDepartureTom Burton
1/07/2018 16:00:00G-GDRVVans RV-6EGBJDepartureManuel Queiroz
1/07/2018 16:00:00G-LASRGlasairEGCVDepartureGeoff Lewis
1/07/2018 16:05:00G-BSRIILNC2EGCGDeparturePete Harrison
1/07/2018 16:05:00N545WPBoeing stearmanEhte (Teuge )DepartureThomas fassin
1/07/2018 16:15:00GUZUPEurostarEGNFDepartureRobert Shaw
1/07/2018 16:15:00G-XIFRM108EBKTDepartureFilip Lambert/steven Lambert
1/07/2018 16:30:00PH-SCPVans RV-9Zwartberg (EBZW)DepartureSimon Paul
1/07/2018 16:50:00OO-MTAFoeurnier RF3EBDTDepartureValvekens Guy
1/07/2018 17:00:00D-EXWBRV-9AEDFCDepartureWalter Berner
1/07/2018 17:30:00G-RMRVVANS RV7ABENINGTON ,UKDepartureMORRIS
1/07/2018 17:50:00SEXVGGlastarESGPDepartureHasse Hellstrom
1/07/2018 17:55:00D-EGUW7ECAEBLEDepartureWim Van Malcot
1/07/2018 17:55:00N408JN7ECAEBLEDeparturePeter Mentens
1/07/2018 18:00:00OO-161RV-7EBLEDepartureGerry Willems

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